Great tips for nurses and other medical personnel to effectively handle workplace conflict in a hospital setting and prevent the conflict from escalating.It is easy for workplace conflict in a hospital to happen due to the emotional nature and intensity of the job.  Nobody likes dealing with conflict, but effectively handling workplace conflict in a hospital setting is a critical skill that can help your career.  Avoiding the conflict just adds stress to your job and potentially leads to unnecessary job changes.  These tips will help you handle a workplace conflict more easily and prevent them from escalating.

Tackle The Issue After You’ve Calmed Down

Give yourself and the other person some time to cool down before you approach the issue.  It is important to discuss matters before they continue to escalate, but the situation will not benefit from either party going into the resolution angry or upset.  Taking a little while to calm down will make a world of difference in the discussion.

Consider Your Role in the Conflict

Is there anything you could have handled differently?  Take responsibility and acknowledge any wrongdoing you may have in the altercation.  This will help the other person see that you are open to understanding all sides of the disagreement.

Talk It Out

Always have a discussion about the conflict in a face to face manner, and not over emails or other forms of messages, because it is too easy to misinterpret the meaning.  Use “I feel” statements to refer to the behavior and not the person.  Comments that start with “When I’m shouted at, I feel…” or “I feel unappreciated when I…”  Avoiding statements with “you” will help the other person not feel blamed and the need to be defensive, which leads to a more open discussion.

Know When To Get Human Resources Involved

It may be obvious to get HR involved when there is a policy violation involved, but there are a few other instances when it may be a good idea to call them in.  If you have tried to resolve the conflict on your own to no success, human resources can be a great mediator.  They would also like to know about the conflict if you or anyone else is considering quitting or if it is affecting staff morale.  Human resource staff is trained in workplace conflict management and can be a great resource for helping you.

Let It Go

After addressing the problem and working through a resolution it is imperative that you move on and do not hold a grudge.  You do not have to be best friends with your co-worker, but it is important that you continue to act in a professional manner.

Each conflict is an opportunity for growth in your professional career.  It helps us to understand another person’s perspective and reflect on our own actions, preventing future conflicts.  Learning how to resolve workplace conflict in a hospital is an invaluable skill that will not only help you become happier in your job, but it will also show your employer what a well-rounded employee you are.

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