Conflicts between nurses and doctors can obviously be disruptive to the workplace. Here are some tips for mitigating these types of workplace disputes and ensuring harmonious relationships among your staff.Dealing with frightened or frustrated patients is often a stressful experience. However, conflicts between nurses and doctors can be even more disruptive to the workplace.

As a hospital administrator, you have likely had to deal with nurse-physician disputes on more than one occasion. Not only can these types of problems make your facility an unpleasant place to work, but they can also result in patient care being jeopardized. After all, nurses need to feel comfortable questioning a doctor or asking for clarification if they feel care instructions are lacking. Similarly, doctors need to know that their orders will be carried out by nursing teams they trust.

Here are some tips for mitigating these types of workplace disputes and ensuring harmonious relationships among your staff.

Teach Team Members Communication

Health centers should teach their employees to use “I” language to improve relations between doctors and nurses. Rather than telling someone what he or she did was wrong, individuals should aim to explain how another’s behavior made them feel. Using “I feel” statements can prevent workers from feeling insulted or offended by criticism and ensure that disputes are resolved in a timely fashion.

Encourage Self-Improvement

If you want to create a more harmonious workplace, offer ways for your employees to improve themselves. Providing access to classes and training sessions encourages your medical workers to develop their communication skills and even better themselves personally. And of course, you should ensure that senior staff members model good behavior for the rest of the team.

Utilize Integrated Training

Interdisciplinary training is one of the best ways to encourage collaboration between doctors and nurses, and many hospitals are taking note. Under this training model, doctors and nurses learn to work together from the start. Not only does this tactic discourage adversarial communication, but it also helps ensure physicians and RNs understand each other’s value in the workplace.

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