Tired of the typical nursing grind? Ready to take on new opportunities while expanding your skillset? At Pulse Staffing, we help talented RNs find lucrative travel nursing positions throughout Texas and beyond. Not only do travel nurses have the chance to see the world, but they also get to meet new people while sharing their abilities with other medical professionals around the country.

2016 is a great time to be a travel nurse, but it’s important to realize that different parts of the country offer variable salaries and benefits. Here are some of the hot spots for travel nurses this year.


Looking for a change of scenery and weather? Consider taking your travel nursing career on the road to California. According to recent data, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego all offer lucrative opportunities for talented travel nurses, with salaries starting at $73,000. And you can enjoy some fun in the sun while building a robust resume.


Do you find a low cost of living attractive? If you enjoy barbecue and spending time outdoors, you might want to pursue a travel nursing opportunity in Austin, TX. Not only do the city’s many hospitals and health centers offer high salaries to travel nurses, but the area also provides numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Las Vegas

Vegas isn’t just the place to go if you want to strike it rich gambling. The city also offers great job opportunities for travel nurses. And thanks to low housing costs, you can bank more of what you make. Plus, Vegas offers plenty of fun beyond the casinos in the form of hiking, skiing, and sightseeing at the nearby Hoover Dam.

Let Pulse Staffing Assist With Your Job Search

Top nursing candidates trust their job searches to Pulse Staffing. Based in Texas, we have more than 25 years of staffing experience in the medical industry. You can trust us to help you find high-paying travel nursing work in the area of your choice. To learn more about the services available to you, call today or contact our recruitment experts online.

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