Even though trained nurses are currently in short supply, your individual skillset still affects your ability to secure – and keep – a job. In fact, nurses who lack strong people skills are unlikely to hold on to the most desirable positions at hospitals and health centers. Here are some reasons that nurses with positive bedside manners get hired before their less approachable counterparts.

Teamwork Skills

Nurses who excel at teamwork and communication tend to get hired before their less cordial counterparts. After all, nurses need to be able to communicate with multiple people on a daily basis, including doctors, other nurses, and patients. For this reason, hospitals seek out people who listen well and deal with criticism in a way that’s calm and respectful.


Nurses interact with patients as much if not more than doctors. As a result, it’s crucial that they have the right attitude when interacting with sick people and their families. In fact, studies show that a positive attitude has a profound effect on healing. The most successful nurses show confidence and positivity and inspire their patients to do the same. On the other hand, nurses who seem stressed, rushed, or anxious tend to cause patients to lose trust in their care.


It’s no secret that today’s nurses are overworked. However, building a great nursing career means making personal connections with your patients. For best results, be attentive to your patients and listen carefully when they express concerns rather than letting your mind wander to other tasks.

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