Some patients are friendly, understanding and easy. Others are anything but. While it’s not necessary to like every patient you encounter, as a medical employee, you have a responsibility to behave in a manner that’s kind, compassionate and professional. Here are some of Pulse Staffing’s tips for keeping it together no matter how difficult the patient is.

Talk It Through

It’s no secret that patients can be rude, demanding and downright unpleasant on occasion. But as a medical employee, you have to remember you’re dealing with people who are going through highly stressful times. To minimize awkward encounters with difficult patients, strive to communicate clearly and talk things through. Simply taking a few more minutes to discuss a patient’s care can go a long way toward alleviating her fears and ensuring future interactions are smooth.

Write Everything Down

It’s tough for patients and their families to remember everything medical employees say in the hospital. One way to avoid confusion – and cut down on false claims – is to write down all care instructions and treatment plans. Keeping clear and up-to-date records makes life easier for you and your patients, and reduces the odds of angry meltdowns moving forward.

Follow Through

Most of us realize that nurses are often incredibly busy people. However, your patients are likely to get upset and annoyed if you make promises and don’t keep them. If you said you’d bring a patient an extra pillow or stop by at a particular time to speak to family members, follow through on your commitments.

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