Your resume serves as your first impression to potential employers. Naturally, you want to make the best first impression possible, right? Unfortunately, many job seekers don’t know what hiring mangers look for in resumes, and consequently they neglect to include vital information that could help them land the jobs they want. If you’ve noticed that your resume isn’t leading to interviews or you just want to beef up this all-important document, here are three crucial elements that you should include.


Everyone knows that they need to list their previous work experience on their resume, but they often focus on the wrong information. Your future employer may be interested in learning what tasks you performed at your other jobs, but they’re also interested in learning what experience you gained from those tasks. Did you learn how to interact with the public or take a hands-on approach to solving problems? What skills did you learn that could translate to your next job?


Along with the practical skills you learned, be sure to give examples of what you accomplished during your previous jobs. Did you implement a simpler filing system or come up with a way to increase office efficiency? Details like these show the value that you add as an employee. So be thorough when talking about your past accomplishments and don’t shy away from bragging about yourself a little bit.


When it comes to listing goals on their resumes, many job seekers talk about the specific goal of landing the job for which they’re applying. The goals that you list on your resume should be more far-reaching, talking about the eventual goals that you hope to achieve in your career. Since space is limited in a resume, remember to be brief and keep your goals realistic. Ideally, these goals will show potential employers that you’re forward thinking, you have a plan for your career and you’ll work hard to achieve it.

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