Proper management is important in any profession, but it’s particularly crucial in the medical field, where patient care can easily become compromised due to improper communication or internal strife among the staff. Not surprisingly, studies also show that nurses often leave jobs where they don’t feel they’re being properly managed. In order to reduce turnover and keep your nursing team working at optimal levels, it’s important to know exactly what nurses need from their supervisors.

Open Communication

Nurses are highly skilled, incredibly intelligent people, and they tend to take issue with being talked down to or having their opinions ignored. In order to maintain a positive, productive relationship with your nursing staff, you need to engage in an open dialogue with them. Take time during the week to talk with your nurses, learn about their current concerns, give them a heads-up about what’s going on around the office and truly listen to the feedback that they give you.

Get to Know Your Nurses

If you start communicating with your nursing staff on a regular basis, then getting to know them should be no problem. Having a personal relationship with your nurses will show them that you’re invested in them as people, not just cogs in a machine. Additionally, learning more about your nurses can give you valuable insight into where certain people excel and where their true interests lie, allowing you to get the most out of your staff.

Adjust Your Techniques Accordingly

Different management techniques work better on different workers. Once you know all the individuals in your staff, you can start to personally tailor your management style. If a nurse doesn’t react well to being talked strongly too, then try a more gentle approach, and vice versa. Moreover, some nurses like a bit more handholding, while others appreciate a high degree of autonomy, so make adjustments accordingly. If you’re flexible with how you deal with your nursing staff, you’ll be able to more effectively communicate with everyone on your team.

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