Is your health center in need of medical assistants? A leader in healthcare recruitment, Pulse Staffing specializes in helping hospitals and health centers find the best candidates for all their open positions. Here are some of the top skills to look for in medical assistant employees:

Computer Savvy

The best medical assistants are organized and computer savvy. After all, these professionals are largely responsible for handling administrative duties, such as collecting and accessing patient data. Before hiring a new medical assistant, make sure he or she is skilled in the use of basic computer applications, including those related to billing, coding, insurance, and bookkeeping. And of course, your candidate should be a good typist.

Adept at Communication

Medical assistants are generally the ones responsible for answering phones and greeting patients when they first arrive at the office. As a result, these employees need to be excellent communicators. Make sure your candidates can communicate both on and off the phone, as well as in crisis situations. After all, your medical assistant might need to assist a panicking patient over the phone or help calm a frightened child during an exam.

Detail Oriented

Being a successful medical assistant means keeping track of lots of details. When hiring for this position, look for candidates who are meticulous and detail oriented as well as those who have dealt with a lot of loose ends in previous positions. For example, your medical assistant should be able to handle stocking a room, gathering patient data, and filling out complex insurance forms with aplomb.

Rely on Pulse Staffing for Your Houston Recruitment Needs

 Medical assistants fulfill a crucial function at health centers in that they support physicians and nurses by performing administrative tasks. In some states, these employees even partake in care, drawing blood and preparing patients for tests and X-rays.

A leader in local recruitment, Pulse Staffing understands that finding the best medical assistants and other job candidates is essential for your business. To that end, we do everything in our power to locate and screen top employees for you. To learn how Pulse Staffing can help support your health center, contact our team for an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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