Nurses undergo rigorous training, including years of college, on-the-job instruction, and testing. Still, it’s not uncommon for even experienced nurses to forget certain aspects of their education. At Pulse Staffing, we are passionate about helping nurses find jobs that turn into lasting careers. Here are some common on-the-job nursing questions you should know but might be afraid to ask:

How Do I Convert That?

Nurses might struggle to memorize all the conversions they need to use on a daily basis. Along with basic conversions, such as the number of CCs in an ounce, nurses might need to know how to convert ounces to drams, drams to grains, grains to milligrams and even kilograms to pounds. Because most medications are dispensed based on patients’ weight, it’s a good idea to keep a chart of these values somewhere handy until you have them memorized. When in doubt, though, ask a colleague the right answer instead of guessing.

What Is the Correct Dosage?

Determining the right medication dosage for a patient can be tricky even under the best of circumstances. And experienced nurses know that hospitals are often stressful places where staff needs to make decisions quickly. Because administrative errors account for a large percentage of mistakes, nurses need to document all patient data carefully. For best results, double check that those height and weight measurements are accurate and ensure that the list of meds a patient is taking undergoes constant updates.

How Do I Document That?

As a nurse, you will likely spend a large amount of your day documenting various pieces of patient information. A typical chart includes basic health information, current and discontinued meds, height, weight, and even the nursing actions you’ve taken throughout the day. If you have general charting questions, or specific concerns about how your particular healthcare facility handles documentation, don’t hesitate to ask a colleague or supervisor.

Pulse Staffing Is There for Nurses

 Patients trust nurses to have the answers to their health questions and concerns, but that doesn’t mean these medical professionals have to be all knowing. In business for more than 25 years, Pulse Staffing offers a variety of services to help nursing candidates land their desired jobs and hold onto them for the long haul.

To discover how Pulse Staffing can help you achieve your goals, contact our trusted team of experts today.

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