New travel nurses are often hesitant to find their own housing. And while it might be convenient – and tempting – to turn this responsibility over to the nursing company, doing this can result in you securing lodging that doesn’t meet your needs and preferences. Here are some of Pulse Staffing’s expert tips for helping busy travel nurses find their own housing.

Start at a Motel

Before committing to a location for the length of your stay, consider passing a few nights in a nice hotel or motel. Not only does this give you a chance to get settled at your new job before dealing with the stress of setting up a house, but it also allows you to assess different areas of town before making a final decision. You can shop around for the best neighborhood and the best price tag.

Ask for Deals

In some cases, travel nurses can score better jobs on their own than they would if booking through an agency. While nursing companies tend to get small discounts, nurses can often negotiate more significant deals by calling extended stay hotels on their own. Speak to the manager to find out what pricing options are available that might suit your needs.

Use a Site Like Craigslist

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of a nursing agency, consider using a site like Craigslist to locate your own lodging and roommates. Living alone in a new city can be, well, lonely. By searching a housing site, you can find a potential friend in your new area and maybe even tag along with them to see the sites. Search available listings or create an ad explaining your need for temporary housing and see what pops up.

Get Job Help From the Experts at Pulse Staffing

 With more than 25 years of experience, Pulse Staffing has the knowledge and connections to help nurses find great positions in the health industry. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or a temporary travel position, our experts can help. To find out more about our services, call today or contact our team online for assistance.

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