Unfortunately, co-workers aren’t always going to get along. Sometimes this discord is due to a clash in personalities, sometimes it’s because of professional envy, and sometimes it’s simply the result of a toxic employee. As sad as it is, some people get a thrill out of causing trouble at work, either by bullying their co-workers, spreading harmful rumors or by actively trying to get other people terminated. While this type of behavior is harmful to any work environment, it’s particularly problematic in the medical field, where team unity and communication is necessary to provide proper care. If you’ve got a toxic coworker in your office, here are three tips for how to handle the situation.

Don’t Play Their Game

Often, the goal of toxic people is to create drama, so one of the more effective methods of dealing with them is to refuse to play their game. If a co-worker tries to start a rumor about a fellow employee, nip it in the bud by failing to acknowledge the rumor and refusing to repeat it. More often than not, the kind of people who cause problems at work crave attention. By depriving them of that attention, you can take their power away and diffuse the situation.

Project Confidence

Workplace bullies don’t choose their victims at random. They tend to prey on individuals that they perceive as weak, as these types of people are easier to manipulate and take advantage of. If you want to avoid being a target, make sure that you project an air of confidence when dealing with the toxic person in your office. By showing that you’re a strong, confident person, you can discourage the office bully from messing with you and avoid the drama altogether.

Confront the Problem

Most medical offices are predominantly made up of women, and women tend to shy away from direct confrontation. But if you know someone in your office is purposefully causing problems, then feel free to confront that person head on. When dealing with toxic people, it’s important to remain calm so that you don’t contribute to the drama by making a big scene. Ultimately, the goal is to stand up for yourself and your fellow co-workers, and make it clear that the perpetrator’s actions will no longer be tolerated.

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