These days, almost all professionals rely on social media to further their careers, and travel nurses are no exception. Still, not all content is equally appropriate for mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of Pulse Staffing’s top tips for being smart about social media when you’re a busy travel nurse.

Respect Patients’ Privacy

Savvy travel nursing candidates take care to ensure that none of their posts violate the privacy of the patients in their care. With that in mind, you need to avoid sharing anything personal or specific that could be identified with a particular individual. To make sure you aren’t violating anything medical laws, take time to familiarize yourself with the HIPPA rules prior to posting content online. Remember, even sharing information on private Facebook or Twitter direct messages can leave you open to a lawsuit.

Don’t Get Too Personal

Just as it’s important to protect your patients’ privacy online, you should take care to safeguard your own personal information. Anything you post online these days is visible to current and future employers, so be sure to keep content clean and appropriate. For example, you should probably avoid those pictures from the night at the bar or the ones of you in your new bikini. Additionally, you should avoid sharing any details about your location while traveling, as this can leave you open to would-be burglars and others looking to take advantage of your absence.

Create a Blog

Fear of over-sharing online sometimes prevents nurses from using social media to develop their careers. However, creating a blog — and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter — is crucial to travel nurses, who are regularly seeking new opportunities. Use your blog as an opportunity to discuss health habits or share valuable information about emerging health threats.

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