It’s no secret that mothers make up a crucial percentage of the nursing force. Unfortunately, hospitals and health centers often fail to attract talented nurses who also happen to be mothers. Here are some key tips for enticing moms to enter the nursing field and ensuring they choose your facility over the competition.

Help With Childcare

If you want to encourage mothers to enter the travel nursing field – and work for your facility in particular – it’s important to help out with childcare. Nurses of both sexes are naturally concerned with who will take care of their children while they work. To support nursing candidates, you can direct them to websites like that offer nanny finders and screening services. Additionally, many hospitals offer on-site daycare facilities to help their staff members feel more comfortable and secure.

Assistance With Travel

Travel nurses don’t just need support in caring for children while they work. They also require assistance moving their families from place to place. Medical facilities can ease the burden by providing relocation and travel support and services. Along with providing a travel stipend, you can offer new hires information about the area, so they know where to set up shop when they arrive, along with tips on packing for the journey. Advise travel nurses to pack for the climate and let them know what furnishings and supplies will be available when they arrive. 

Housing Aid

Of course, finding a place to live is one of the most stressful parts of moving to a new city. Make sure a member of your staff is around to help travel nurses get acclimated. From finding houses to arranging for kids to be enrolled in their new schools, you can do a great deal to help your new teammates settle in.

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