There are many reasons that someone might want to pursue a career as a travel nurse.     Not only do these positions allow workers to see different parts of the country, (and even the world!) but they also have the potential to turn into full-time jobs. Additionally, travel nurses enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills while sharing their talents and abilities with other professionals in the field.

While a travel nursing career is clearly desirable for job candidates, you might wonder how these employees benefit healthcare facilities. Here are some reasons a hospital would want to hire a travel nurse:

Short-Term Staffing Needs

Hospitals often need to find travel nurses to fill short-term or temporary staffing shortages. For example, they might require coverage during the summer, when many employees take vacations, or for a three-month period when someone is out on maternity leave. Hiring nurses ensures that care doesn’t suffer during shortages, while preventing existing staff from becoming overworked. 

Recruitment Help

If a hospital is searching for new permanent nurses to join the staff, the administrators might first hire job candidates as travel nurses. Employing these individuals on a short-term basis effectively lets the health center try out staff before offering permanent contracts. If an employee is a good fit both personally and professionally, he or she might just receive a full-time offer.

Reducing Staffing Costs

It’s no secret that employment costs are rising in almost every field. Along with higher health coverage costs, hospitals are on the hook for employee retirement benefits, paid time off, extensive training, and overtime. One of the benefits of using travel nurses is that health centers can save a great deal of money on these benefits.

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