Hospitals and medical facilities rely on PTs (physical therapists) to help patients who are suffering after an injury or accident. Still, finding a skilled physical therapist is often easier said than done, particularly as our population ages and requires more care late in life. Here are some of Pulse Staffing’s top tips for attracting great PTs to your team.

Update Your Practice

If your medical practice looks like it was launched sometime during the Stone Age, there’s a good chance you’ll struggle to find PTs and other staff. To increase your odds of attracting the best people, update basic systems for documenting, billing, and scheduling. Additionally, you should consider implementing a new EMR system to make life easier for your staff, and more secure for the patients in your care.

Offer Great Benefits

Money isn’t the only way to lure top PTs to your hospital or health center. You can also attract these workers with great benefits, such as educational seminars, remote access to files, fun team-building activities, and paid childcare. These options can help convince a highly desired physical therapist to choose your facility over the competition’s.

Have a Mission

Millennial workers in particular care greatly about working for a company with a mission. During the interview, impress PT candidates by stressing the pro bono work you perform, or the charities to which you donate. After all, a company that cares for its community is likely to take care of its employees as well.

Contact a Recruiter Like Pulse Staffing

Finding top job candidates on your own can be difficult, especially if your staff is focused on other matters like running the business. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle all your staffing needs on your own.

Houston’s recruitment leader, Pulse Staffing helps healthcare facilities throughout Texas find the best physical therapists for their needs. You can count on us to connect you with top active and passive candidates, and perform thorough screenings so you know they are up to the task. For more tips on finding great PTs, or other employees, call today or contact our team online.

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